Great Phone Systems

What Infrastructure Do You Need to Deploy an IP Phone System?

Your local network

For you to fully experience a Ferrari F430, you must not drive on a dirt road. You must first establish if your local network is able to support VoIP calls. When it comes to Avaya IP500 Dubai system, your network is the road and your service is the road. For you to realize the full experience of your VoIP service, it is important that you ensure you have a surface that is smoothly paved without much congestion for you to fully enjoy it.


If you use the web heavily, or frequently send large files, you will need to think of setting up a different network that will be just for your VoIP traffic. The prices keep on dropping on a daily basis and this little cost investment is worth it since you will guarantee the Quality of your Service (QoS) of your telephone system dubai.


Your Internet Connection

You will require a broadband (high speed internet) connection. This can be done using a cable modem, or even a high speed service like a local area network or DSL. A specialized phone, a computer or specialized phone will be needed. There are some VoIP services that will only work over a your special VoIP phone or computer, while other services makes it possible for you to utilize a traditional phone that is connected to VoIP adapter. In case you utilize your computer, there are some software that you will definitely need and a cheap microphone. Special VoIP phones that are directly plugged into the broadband connection and function largely the way a traditional phone works. In case you utilize a telephone that has a VoIP adapter, you will just dial the same way that you are used to, and you can also be provided a dial tone by the service provider.


Your VoIP hardware

It is important that you identify who will be using the equipment. Prior to choosing VoIP hardware (like headsets, softphones, and VoIP) make sure that you perform a needs assessment so as to establish what each person or position needs from the VoIP that they will be utilizing.